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SilverSoft - First Aid is a naturally based antiseptic, versatile and free from harsh chemicals. Does not sting or burn, kills 99.99997% of germs and lasts up to 3 hours or more. It is 10 times more effective than colloidal silver.

SilverSoft First Aid is an all-around family germicide and antiseptic. It is dispensed as a soft foam that typically does not sting or burn and is safe for children of all ages. SilverSoft First Aid is the perfect antiseptic solution for your skin from head to toe. It provides relief for many infected areas including burn, wound, and other skin ailments, while it soothes and replenishes the skin. This antiseptic is ideal for your backpack, camping gear, purse, car, first aid kit, or medicine cabinet-- use anytime at home or on the go. The petite bottle is small, light, easy to carry and convenient to use. This antiseptic solution is the must-have item for first aid relief for families on the go, children on the playground, or any outdoor area.

Apply SilverSoft First Aid for Relief From:

Burn, Wound & Abrasion Relief
Abrasions, cuts, scrapes, or an open wound
Insect and animal bites or stings
Animal bites or scratches
Heat burn, sun burn, and carpet burn relief
Blemishes and rashes
Poison ivy/ oak irritations

SilverSoft First Aid antiseptic is a hypoallergenic relief (highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction). It is soothing and softening to dry, cracked skin. It provides wound, cut, abrasion, and burn relief and soothes to protect the infected area. Use SilverSoft First Aid antiseptic anywhere skin is compromised and/or you want to sanitize or have relief. This antiseptic solution is a necessity for around the home, office, shop, and all outdoor activities and is the perfect relief for burn, wound, and any first aid ailment.

SilverSoft is patented and based on many years of research at LaSal Laboratories. As a result, Silver Soft is a proven relief solution as a safe and remarkably effective antiseptic in numerous clinical and laboratory tests.

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