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Naturally formulated, environmentally safe Silver Soft for Animals is a powerful microbicide that uses no alcohol, iodine or chlorine to kill germs. Therefore our product will not cause stinging if applied to cuts and saddle burns. Your animals will love it for its odorless,non-stinging effect.

SilverSoft® Animals is the ideal sanitizing solutions for horses, cattle, goats, llamas, sheep and any large animal. It is a soothing germicide that effectively relieves many animal skin problems - from head to hoof.

Naturally formulated and environmentally safe, SilverSoft® Animals is a powerful microbicide that contains no alcohol, iodine or chlorine. This unique and versatile product typically does not burn or sting when applied to abrasions, burns, cuts and saddle sores. Animals seem to love this mild, gentle, odorless, non-stinging, quiet product.

The active ingredient in SilverSoft® is Chelated Silver.™ Molecules of silver are chemically bonded to nonmetallic molecules in solution. When used as either an antisepsis or as a cleanser, this patented formulation provides unsurpassed anti-microbial action and persistence (killing power over time). The pure molecules of silver in SilverSoft® are easily applied and highly amenable to the skin on humans and animals. SilverSoft® prevents breathing and reproduction of disease-causing microorganisms.

This patented CHELATED SILVER™ formula is specially prepared for application to large animals in a hefty 7.1 fl oz bottle that can be applied around the eyes, under or on top of tails (particularly for countering parasites), and to large (or small) affected areas on animal skin. SilverSoft® Animals is lubricating and ideal for before and after birthing.

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